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"Art does not reproduce what is visible. But it makes visible what is not always visible. (Paul Klee)"

A project to make a large space, both real and virtual, alive and pulsating, where you can develop and make your stories and works known, in a context where art is the real protagonist. Open Artelier wants to be able to stimulate cultural exchange, placing artists at the center of everything, different in style and training, but united by the desire and passion to convey their vision of the world to collectors and art lovers. A name, therefore, which is synonymous with aggregation and sharing for those who make art their vital essence, which reflects and brings to light that unique work, which knows how to be admired and known. A job that arises from the desire of the founding group to promote and disseminate ideas, beauty and emotions, with the desire to reach an audience able to enjoy what is proposed, guaranteeing quality and competence.





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