The values ​​that represent us

Creating, sharing, organizing and disseminating are not only essential keywords for us, but real pillars and values ​​that animate the project.

Our goals

The sharing of ideas and works: free and voluntary, but which must be animated by a common will to build new experiences, initiatives and events, perhaps the result of mutual contamination; The sharing of physical and digital spaces: this will be the commitment that the founding group will make available to build this great artistic and cultural network; The creation of an operational network: a wide-ranging goal, where the spirit of collaboration will be the winning weapon for the project.

Open Artelier as a synonym of relationship and trust

With “Just art with us”. A light and direct claim that wants to simplify the concept of "starting a collaboration relationship" for the artist, who relies on us with confidence because they are able to propose his work at its best, sharing the ultimate goal of seeing his work exclusive purchased by collectors who know how to treat it with the value it deserves. But not only this. Because we also know how to put ourselves on the side of the client, shifting his attention to art, generating a consolidated relationship between client and artist. We will promote ourselves as guarantors of safety and the highest artistic quality. Therefore, Open Artelier is a perfect combination of quality and competence. The experience of the founding group will be the driving force through which all the promotion and marketing phases will be coordinated in detail.

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