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Battaglia ranks among the exponents of that particular creative trend that developed in the early 90s in the Como area at the Giosuè Carducci cultural association during the course of artistic culture held by professors Giuliano Collina, Angelo Tenchio and sculptor Massimo Clerici. A course that stood out for its iconic and object research that tended to undermine the pre-established linguistic codes of classical art.... [Continue reading]

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Information about Doriam Battaglia Batt

Born in Berbenno di Valtellina (SO) on February 19, 1949 and currently lives and works in Como. In the 1970s he attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Free Nude School) and the Castellini Foundation, Como School of Arts and Crafts. He graduated in Architecture in 1975 at the Milan Polytechnic. In the academic year 1972/73 I attended the IUAV University of Venice, Faculty of Architecture and in 1981 I attended the International School of Graphics in Venice, Lithography Course. In the early 90s he gained experience in chalcography at the Milanese studio of the engraver TOGO (Enzo Migneco). In the years 1998/99 he followed a workshop with the master ceramist Walter Castelnuovo, an expert in Raku techniques. In the academic year 1999/2000 he obtained the post-graduate specialization in Bio-architecture at the University of Florence. In 2002 he attended a sculpture course for slate stone (Lavagna) at the Molino di Triora quarries in Val Argentina, Taggia (IM). Since 2014 he is Vice President of the historic Association of Culture and Art of Como. Since 2017 he has been President of the SECRET ISLAND cultural association. Since 2015 he has been directing the drawing and painting workshops at the Centro Diurno in Como (Coop Sociale Symploke, Como Network of Bodies for the serious marginalization). Since the 2015/16 academic year he has been in charge of the evening painting course at the "Aldo Galli" IED Academy of Fine Arts in Como.


Personal exhibitions


- Personal exhibition at the studio of the Como painter Renzo Greco.

- Participation in the ETRURIARTE 7 Contemporary Art Exhibition in Venturina (LI) - Personal stand within the collective exhibition.

- Personal exhibition "Images of our time" at the Como Alta shopping center (Como).

- Personal exhibition at the TREND studio in Como.


- April - Personal exhibition of graphic pictorial works Les fleurs du malat the Polvaratrentuno exhibition space in Lecco (LC).

- November - Personal exhibition "Nothing is as deep as the surface" with the patronage of the Administration of the Municipality of Proserpio (CO).

- December - Personal exhibition "Nihil est in intellectu quod prius non fuerit in sensum" at the Villa of the Visconti Castle in Trezzo sull'Adda. With the patronage of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Trezzo sull’Adda (MI).


- January - Personal exhibition "Only art can save the world" at the GAV exhibition space in Milan.

- March - Personal exhibition "Ottoottave" at the Osnago Exhibition Center (LC).

- April - Bi-personal exhibition "Earth first!" with the artist Enrico Thanoffer at the Spazio Arte Ciquadro in Turate (CO).


- June - Bi-personal exhibition "The Body and Nature" with the artist Flavia Noseda at the La Pila exhibition space in Camnago Volta (CO). Presentation by the artist Franco Russolillo.

- April - Bi-personal exhibition ACCESSIBLE ART with the artist Elena Borghi, at the temporary exhibition space Botta / Legrenzi in via V. Emanuele in Como (CO).


- June - July Personal exhibition "FREQUENCIES 140621/0712" at Spazio Natta of the Municipality of Como with the patronage of the Municipality of Como Department of Culture - Presentation by the President of the Order of Architects of Como, Arch. Angelo Monti - Conference "Space , Tempo e Musica by Prof. Paolo Ferrario and Arch. Angelo Monti.

- Exhibition IMMANENCE AND DREAMat the Galleria degli Artisti in Milan (MI).

- September - Piano Libero - Participation in the exhibition of the artist Roberto Biondi with the cycle of works "IMMANANZE".


- March - Bipersonal “SPATIAL CONCEPTS” with the sculptor Roberto Biondi at the Statuto13 Gallery in Milan, presentation by Massimiliano Bisazza, critical text by Roberto Borghi.

- Exhibition of the work "Seven frames of dance on the edge of the abyss" at the Academy of Fine Arts A. Galli IED in Como.


- Personal exhibition "CHLOROPHYLL" at the exhibition space of AES Domicilio - Erba (CO), curated and presented by the art critic Roberto Borghi.

- Personal exhibition "GRAFFITI" at the Perini exhibition space - Salò (BS).

- October - Exhibition of the work "Theft of love" at the "Aldo Galli" Academy of Fine Arts

- Personal exhibition "GRAFFITI" at the Perini exhibition space - Salò (BS).

- October - Exhibition of the work "Theft of love" at the "Aldo Galli" IED Academy of Fine Arts in Como (CO).

- October - Personal exhibition at the Lecco headquarters of the Onlus AES Social Cooperative Domicile entitled "Living matter"


- January / February - Personal exhibition at Cafe Hegelhof - Wien (Austia).

- February - Sant'Anna Hospital, San Fermo della Battaglia (CO) - Permanent personal exhibition in the waiting room of Neurosurgery and Neurology.


- May - Personal exhibition "Percezioni" at the Cardinal Ferrari Center in Como - With the patronage of the Circolo Cultura e Arte of Como (CO).

- July - Personal exhibition "Eternity, reality, appearance" at AES Domicilio Como (CO) exhibition space.

- October - Personal exhibition "CONSUSTANZIAZIONE" at the exhibition space of "Il Corniciaio" in via Milano - Como (CO).

- November - Personal exhibition "Names and forms are empty shells" at IL SALOTTO Gallery via Carloni 5 / c - Como (CO) - Presentation by Michele Caldarelli.


- Personal exhibition at the International Poetry Festival Europe in verse9th edition. Presentation by Laura Garavaglia.

- October - Personal exhibition "CON-SUSTANZIA" at the STARLAB Cantù exhibition space (CO) - Presentation by art critic Massimiliano Porro.

- October - Personal exhibition "FONS SACER" at the exhibition space AQUILEGIA Eupilio (CO) - Presentation by the art critic Alberto Gerosa - Patronage of the Municipality of Longone al Segrino (CO).

- June / July 2021 - Solo exhibition ONE From resto blu, from blu to red. At The Art Company Como exhibition space. Presentation by the art critic Roberto Borghi.

- June / September 2021 - Light / Luce Widespread project of participatory art. June 30 Baptistery of Velate, performance. 11 July Underground road of the Castello Sforzesco, restorative event. July 17, exhibition at the Giosuè Carducci Association of Como. 25 September, exhibition at the Estense Hall. Municipal building of the former Reggia of Varese.


Collective exhibitions


- Participation in the International Painting and Sculpture Exhibition "Bice Bugatti"


- Participation in the eighth "BLACK GOLD" sculpture workshop in the Argentina valley (IM) and in the exhibition of the works created at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo (IM).


- December - Group exhibition Music, dance and surface at the Tballet Scool of dance exhibition space in Como (CO)


- April - Collective exhibition Segni(Idea, creativity, sign and design) at the Chamber of Commerce of Como (CO).

- May - Collective exhibition "Cross Stories" Spazio Ottagono with the patronage of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Fino Mornasco (CO).


- Space (In) visible Cagliari - First stage of the SWAP traveling exhibition The portrait as a giftparticipation in the personal / collective exhibition of Francesco Amadori curated by Efisio Carbone.

- Collective exhibition IMMANENZA E SOGNO at the Galleria degli Artisti in Milan (MI).

- Didembre - Collective exhibition "CLASSIC / CONTEMPORARY" at HMS Meeting Point Como (CO).


- May / October - Open Artelier - Explore the arttelier of artists in Como (CO).

- Collective exhibition at the Milan Railing Theater curated by Roberto Borghi.

- Collective exhibition "FREE ENTRY" at the BNL Paribas Como (CO) exhibition space.

- Collective exhibition "NUTRI.MENTI" at the municipal space of San Pietro in Atrio with the patronage of the Municipality of Como (CO).


- 23 October - Participation in ScompArti - Modules of Contemporary Arts - Lariofiere Erba (CO).

- November - “GROWINGexhibition at M Contemporary Art Gallery in Reggio Emilia.

- December - anARTomyexhibition at M Contemporary Art Gallery in Reggio Emilia.

- October 2016 / January 2017 - "COLOR ENERGY" Review-Competition and Group Exhibition at the SantAnna Como Hospital, BNL BNP Paribas Group and Como Provincial Tourist Office, with the participation of the Telethon Foundation. Winning work.


- February - Collective exhibition at Villa Imbonati - Municipality of San Fermo and Civil Protection, with sale of the works for charitable purposes.

- June - Collective exhibition at the Como Cathedral. Day Center Como (CO).

- June - Secret islandexhibition at Villa Mainona - Tremezzo (CO).

- 2017 July - Collective exhibition "Larmadio di Satie" at The Art Company Como - Curator of art critic Robero Borghi.

- 2017/18 - Resigned painting "Larian tourism" at BNL Paribas piazza Cavour - Como and SantAnna Hospital - Municipality of San Fermo (CO) - Curated by Circolo Cultura e Arte di Como.


- May - Collective exhibition "Perceptions" at the Cardinal Ferrari Center in Como - Circolo Cultura e Arte in Como.

 - July - Collective exhibition "Night Effect" at The Art Company. Art critic Robero Borghi.

-  September - Collective exhibition of extemporaneous works Segreta Isolaat Villa Mainona - Tremezzo (CO).

- September - Collective exhibition "Reason and sentiment" Secret island at Villa Leoni - Ossuccio (CO).


- January - Collective exhibition "Reason and sentiment" at Palazzo Terragni (Ex Casa del Fascio) Como (CO) - SEGRETAISOLA Cultural Association.

- February - Collective exhibition "The color that heals" at the SantAnna San Fermo Hospital (CO). Presentation by the artist Angiola Tremonti.

Works permanently exhibited at the following Art Galleries:

 - "Il Salotto" Art Gallery by Michele Caldarelli - Via Carloni Como (CO) Italy.

- "Atena" Art Gallery by Massimo Costa - Lungo Lario Trieste 42 Como (CO) Italy

- Mirabilia Art Gallery - Via Plauto 1 / A Reggio Emilia Italy.


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