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Gabriele Buratti "Buga" was born in Milan on August 8, 1964. From childhood he observed his father and grandfather, master jewelers of Milanese craftsmanship, in dealing with the material. After graduating from the Polytechnic in Architecture of Landscape. He is interested in the physical, anthropic, historical and structural places of the territory that will profoundly affect her work of painting, sculpture and photography.... [Continue reading]

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Gabriele Buratti "Buga" was born in Milan on August 8, 1964. From childhood he observed his father and grandfather, master jewelers of Milanese craftsmanship, in dealing with the material. After graduating from the Polytechnic in Architecture of Landscape. He is interested in the physical, anthropic, historical and structural places of the territory that will profoundly affect her work of painting, sculpture and photography. He knows Piero Fornasetti and realizes numerous drawings for him. He knows Remo Brindisi and make art esposition at Alternative Lido di Spina Museum. It is exhibited in Europe and America. Unlike the past today, man with his technology dominates Nature, he often disgusts, so in 2013 he is "Artists for Rhino" with Marco Ferra to combine the work of artists with environmental issues. He currently collaborates with several Italian art galleries and abroad.


- Galleria La Perla Olgiate C. Como

- Urbani per Natura (Spazio Cima) Roma bipers.

- Affordable Art Fair Milano


- Galleria La Perla Olgiate C. Como

- Affordable Art Fair Singapore

- Maiocchi 15 Milano

- Affordable Art fair Amsterdam

- Affordable Art Fair Stoccolma

- Intelligenze marine, Palazzo Ducale Genova collett.

- Affordable Art Fair London

- Affordable Art Fair New York

- Affordable Art Fair Milano

- Big Cats Etten Leur (NL) collett

- Spazio Cima Roma collett.


- Meliga Art Gallery Torino personale

- Spazio Cima Roma collett.

- Museo del mare Trappeto Palermo personale

- Artists 4 Whale Sanremo collett

- Artists 4 Whale Galata Museo del mare Genova collett.

- Artists 4 elephant Museo T.Benetton Mogliano Ven. collett


- Palazzo della Cancelleria Roma collett.

- Galleria Montevergini Siracusa collett.

- Question Mark Fabbrica del vapore Milano collett.

- Artists 4 Rhino Castello Vigevano Vigevano (PV) catalogo

- Lucca Arte fiera Lucca

- Galleria “Piero della Francesca” Arezzo

- Arte fiera Piacenza Piacenza

- Phoenix Art Gallery Colonia (Germania) personale

- La Vetreria Milano personale

- VerniceArte Bari bipersonale


- Galleria Previtali Milano collett.

- Spazio Tadini Milano collett.

- Punto sull'arte Varese collett. catalogo

- Arte fiera Genova Genova

- Artists 4 Rhino castello di Momeliano Piacenza collett.


- Il Quadrifoglio arte Rho (MI) collett.

- Affordable art fair Milano esp. Fieristica

- Artists 4 Rhino Museo di storia naturale Genova collett. catalogo
Punto sull'arte Gallery Varese collett. catalogo


- Spazio Bugatti Milano collett.

- Palazzo Ducale Genova collett.

- Galleria Arte Studio Genova collett


- Saarijarven Museum Finlandia collett.

- Kesagalleria Via arte Finlandia collett.

- Libreria Bocca Milano personale

- Miniaci art gallery Positano

- Affordable Art fair Milano esp. fieristica


- Bergamo fiera dell’arte Bergamo esp. fieristica

- Libreria Bocca Milano person. catalogo

- Galleria Movimento Arte Milano person catalogo

- Verona fiera Arte Verona esp.fieristica

- Wannabee Gallery Milano collett


- Wannabee prize selez. Milano collett catalogo

- Satura prize 3° premio Genova collett catalogo

- Genova Artefiera Genova collett

- Lucca center of contemporary art museum Lucca collett catalogo

- Libreria Bocca premio segrete (finalista) Milano collett catalogo


- Premio “La Fenice” Venezia collett catalogo

- Galleria “Eroici furori” Milano person

- Miniaci Art Gallery Milano collett

- Wannabee Gallery Milano collett catalogo

- Saturarte (premio della critica) Genova collett catalogo


- Museo della Permanente Milano collett

- Galleria Zanelli Pavia collett

- Satura Arte Genova person.

- Castello di Rivara Torino collett video catalogo

- Premio Bocca, caffè letterario Milano collett catalogo

- Premio “ La Fenice” ( 2° class.) Trieste collett catalogo

- Wannabee gallery Milano collett catalogo

- Miniaci Art Gallery Milano collett


- Mercurio Arte Palermo person

- Gall. ArT. Pavia collett

- Media Art 2007 Catania fiera

- Gall.Nuovospazio Piacenza collett

- Saturarte,premio Genova collett catalogo

- Aliens, Venezia Mestre collett catalogo

- Museo della Permanente.Premio Arte Mondadori (finalista) Milano collett

- Caffè Fiorio Torino person

- Università Politecnica delle marche - premio L. Ferretti Ancona collett videocatalogo


- Galleria / Libreria Bocca Milano collett catalogo

- Camaver Kunsthaus, Sondrio collett

- Mercurio Arte Palermo collett

- Galleria / Libreria Bocca Milano person catalogo

- MUM Milano fiera,gall. Arteide Milano collett


- Spazio Frida, L’Isola Milano person

- “Piscina Comunale” Milano person

- Radio popolare Milano collett

- Artepensiero Milano person


- Palaz Cesi (Gall.Camaver) Acquasparta collett

- Galleria Bocca “premio segrete” ( 2° class) Milano collett catalogo


- Palazzo Terragni Como collett

- Gall. Camaver Lecco person


- Gall. Camaver, Lecco collett

- Museo delle scienze naturali, ART IT, Milano collett

- Spazio Frida, L’Isola Milano collett


- Spazio Frida, L’Isola Milano person


- Il Cargo, Milano person


- Le Trottoire Milano person

- Gall. Azzurra, Bussana Vecchia S.Remo collett

- Spazio Balducci Milano collett


- Wall Street, ART Lombardy New York collett

- Spazio Consolo Milano person


- ABC Spazio Consolo, Milano collett catalogo

- Club Salida Pischedda,C.Caccia Alghero person


- Museo Alternativo Remo Brindisi Ferrara person

- Studio Panigati Milano person


- Piazza Duomo, Milano

- Tennis Club Ambrosiano Milano person

- Teatro Smeraldo Milano collett

- Gall. Ars Italica Milano collett


- Museo Alternativo Remo Brindisi Ferrara person

- Club Big Bang Milano person


- Spazio Barichella, Monticello brianza Lecco person


- secondo classificato al premio di pittura "Segrete di Bocca", Libreria Bocca, in Galleria Vitt. Emanuele a Milano.


- Finalista al premio di pittura "Segrete di Bocca" con preferenza assoluta del giurato Philippe Daverio.

- Finalista al premio "Arte Mondadori" nel Museo della permanente di Milano.

- Secondo classificato al concorso "La fenice et des artistes" finalista al premio "Segrete di Bocca"  Libreria Bocca,  Milano

- Finalista ( artisti premiati ) al premio "Saturarte" a Genova premio della critica alla "Seconda Biennale dell'arte" Satura.  Genova.

- Primo classificato al premio "United for animals Awards", patrocinato dal comune di Milano.

- Finalista ( artisti premiati ) al premio "Saturarte" a Genova.

- Finalista al premio "Segrete di Bocca", Libreria Bocca,  Milano

- Finalista al "Wannabee prize" a Milano.


“The role of human beings has become problematic" in fact, the exhibitions they organize often feature artists here completely unknown to us, but always of a high artistic level. And this concerns not only the value of the contents, but also the remarkable quality of the pictorial technique of the works on display. The Italian Gabriele Buratti is the type of artist capable of infusing in his works that special aura that, still in the 21st century, traditional painting allows, confirming itself as a means of expression par excellence. And this despite the dictates imposed by the avant-garde, which always demands new expressive languages ​​and the adoption, even in artistic production, of digitization. Indeed, just in stark contrast to those. This is how Buratti's dark paintings focus on the state of a civilization in which the role of human beings has become so controversial that the artist has no hesitation in making it become a marginal element in the history of the world.

And from these painted scenarios also flows an atmosphere of the end of civilized time, where the level of civilization of the metropolis meets nature in a curious way. Unperturbed leopards sit, crouched in the grass, in front of skyscraper profiles. And a hyena investigating the surroundings of an abandoned industrial area. Human beings do not appear in Buratti's paintings, but they are nonetheless present in our feeling that they are absent or disappeared. They are the ones who caused this situation. They have withdrawn to certain areas. And they are, if they are still locked up in buildings or cars, with their culture now nearing sunset.To clarify Buratti's pictorial themes, one could mention the theory of nature, which takes its revenge after man's attempt to dominate it and after losing all respect for him.Or, said with less delicacy, one could speak of nature's reconquest of the landscapes that human beings had usurped. The paintings by the artist, who lives in Milan, have brown, gray, white, black shades and are both pleasant and sad. They tell us about the tranquility of wild animals and a new stillness in the world.


 ”The world masterfully painted by Buratti is sinister”

 At the same time, however, they generate a feeling of uncertainty, which leaves room for the perception that it is not all over. An airplane still flies in the sky, some industrial smokestacks erupt fumes and a dromedary carries the North American flag tattooed on its mantle. It is not sure what to expect from all this. In short, the world masterfully portrayed by Buratti is not very reassuring.Beyond the disturbing aspect, as the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud clarified, even in the artistic field: "What frightens us is what was used to us before".And this is precisely what fascinates us about Buratti's pictorial compositions. They stimulate in us the imagination of the beginning and end of industrial civilization.

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